Dalmatian - Spots of PIcasso 11oz Ceramic Accent Mug

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- Artistic Elegance: Crafted from premium white ceramic, the Dalmatian - Spots of Picasso Mug showcases a stunning design inspired by fine art paintings, infusing your coffee experience with a touch of artistic sophistication.
- Vibrant Interior: The mug features a beautifully colored interior and handle, adding a pop of color to your daily coffee ritual and transforming each sip into a visual delight.
- Comfortable Design: With its 11 oz capacity, rounded corners, and a comfortable C-handle, this mug ensures that every sip is a moment of pure enjoyment. Whether you're starting your day with a soothing morning brew or unwinding with a relaxing evening espresso, this exquisite ceramic mug promises to elevate your coffee routine to a realm of refined luxury and artistic flair.