Japanese Chin 11oz Ceramic Accent Mug

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Elevate your artistic expression and tea-drinking experience with the Japanese Chin 11oz Ceramic Accent Mug. Delight in the fusion of practicality and charm as you create your masterpiece on this durable ceramic canvas. Adorned with delightful color schemes like blue/white, green/white, red/white, and pink/white, each mug invites your creative flair to shine brightly. Designed to withstand countless dishwasher cycles without fading, this mug sports a comfortable C-handle, ensuring your tea or coffee moments are truly special. Perfect for artists, tea enthusiasts, or thoughtful gift-givers, this Japanese Chin mug adds joy and whimsy to your everyday routine.

- Material: Ceramic
- Capacity: 11oz
- C-handle design for comfortable grip
- Dishwasher safe