Borzoi 'Russian Wolfhound Cotton Long Sleeve Tee

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Indulge in the elegance of the Borzoi 'Russian Wolfhound Cotton Long Sleeve Tee, a piece that embodies sophistication and style. Impeccably crafted from 100% environmentally friendly cotton, this tee exemplifies luxury in every thread. Experience exquisite comfort with the ultra-cotton fabric, providing a sumptuous feel against your skin for lasting comfort throughout the day. Embrace the timeless design and medium-weight fabric that ensures a flattering silhouette while exuding a timeless appeal, perfect for any occasion. This premium-quality tee features taped shoulders for reinforced strength and an absence of side seams for seamless sophistication. Adorn yourself with this cotton long sleeve tee inspired by the graceful Borzoi breed and designed to captivate with its fine art painting details.

- Material: 100% environmentally friendly cotton
- Fit: Classic fit
- Weight: Medium-weight fabric
- Features: Taped shoulders for reinforced strength, absence of side seams